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                                                    RESAERCH AGENDA OVERVIEW

High quality teaching and learning targeted resaerch and community service are among the eight core aims in the UCU Strategic plan for 2012-2018. They together underpin the three main contituent elents in UCU School of medicine (UCUSoM) strategic plan. The training of health professionals targeted and applied health resaerch and improved health service delivery.

Therefore, the UCUSoM,s research office,s goals is to undertake, utilize and promote translational health research in the design, delivery and management of health training, services and advocacy.
                                             Benefits of a Resaerch Agenda
  • It will guide training and implementation of health research by staff and students.
  • It will be a basis for negotiating and undertaking health research partnerships with other UCU campuses and facilities, other universities and research institutions, health industry etc
  • It will also unify priorities for submissions for conferences and conventions.
  • It will guide authors towards topic areas that will ultimately serve to support the school journal.
UCUSoM Research Emphasis

Integration: Our transdisciplinary research addresses needs with transformative approaches, both basic and applied , both short term and long term.

Innovations: We promote health evidence based innovations for quality improvement.

Relevance: We create high impact health solutions to the pressing needs of local and global communities in order to ensure a healthy and sustainable world.

Leadership: We lead the research commuinty and educate and mentor the next generation of leaders.

Intergrity: We actively adhere to the ethical principles and professional standards essential for the responsible pratice of research.

Accessiblity: We openly exchange ideas , approaches, data and results while protecting intellectual property.

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